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Momentum and Cforia are working together to complete appropriate inSets for use with MC2. It is intended to offer a package of inSets and 'ready to use' inTuates by the beginning of 2006. 

Getting the right information, at the right time, into the right hands in the right form has never been more important. In today's challenging environment it is essential for not only monitoring and analyzing critical business performance measures, but informed decision-making relies upon it!

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inTuator --- Demonstrations 

To whet your appetite we've included a brief demonstration showing some of the dynamic and multidimensional presentation features and capabilities of inTuator slice and dice, drill up and down, pivot, easily add new data elements, and links to other views. 

To run the presentations you will need to download a small codec file. This can be done by clicking here (this is a once only process).

Only 7 minutes, either view now or download and run on your desktop. 

Analysis in action - view now

Analysis in action - download to your PC

For other demonstration sessions click here 

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Try inTuator now

If you are interested in playing with inTuator on your desktop we have created a self contained, self installing manufacturing demonstration environment that you can download and try out. You get to use most of inTuator's desktop features. Try inTuator

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Pricing and Contact 

For more information and details on pricing please contact Chris Caparon, Vice President of Sales, at Cforia Email: Ph: +1 818 871 9687



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