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There is no shortage of financial, sales, inventory or purchasing data in IMAS. Having that data at your fingertips in a format you can work with is now made simple with IMAS inTuator.

IMAS inTuator provides:

  • robust access to key IMAS financial, sales, inventory and purchasing data for information analysis
  • the ability to work with the information … using intuitive filtering, pivoting and drilling features
  • sharing of analyses with colleagues by email or snapshot
  • distribution of information to ‘on the road’ sales and management and/or remote users not directly connected to IMAS
  • export of information to Excel as PivotTable or spreadsheet
  • presentation of information as tables or charts … apply percentages, ranking, triggers to highlight exceptions or ‘slice & dice’ your information with ease
  • print capability too if you really need it!

Ready-packaged data mapping and information views, delivered as standard, provide plug ‘n play support for the main IMAS business areas and this means that IMAS inTuator can be up and running within days or even sooner)!

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For more information or to organize a demonstration contact Ajitha Ediriwira, Senior Vice President Marketing at Golden Key, or email  



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