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Use Portable Mode to distribute information

Portable mode increases and simplifies your options to distribute and make use of information. It is especially useful to those that may be  'on the road' with no access to the company LAN / server. With Portable mode you can now empower this group both in terms of the information available to them and, using inTuator functionality, their ability to 'work with' their information. 

Portable mode provides new ways to disseminate vital information throughout the organization… an easy and inexpensive option to implement..

What is inTuator Portable Mode?

Functionally, Portable mode may be regarded as comprising two parts:

  1. Receiving and using information: ALL PC's with inTuator installed are able to operate in Portable mode at the user's choice. Excepting the ability to create or modify inTuates and inStores, Portable mode allows full use of any inTuator information available on the PC including receiving, unpacking and loading inTuator 'packages' that may be received from other inTuator users. 

    This is an extension and enhancement of the ability, present in previous inTuator release levels, to use inTuator AFTER disconnecting from the server. Through use of inTuator's latest distribution features it is no longer necessary for users to connect to the server. 

  2. Distributing information: A number of new inTuator features and components are included in inTuator to enable the preparation and distribution of packages of inTuates, inStores and associated information, including linked inTuates, to others for use in Portable mode. 

    Recognizing that not all our customers need or want Portable mode as standard, the Packaging features and options are subject to additional separate licensing on the iServer. If your inTuator server has been licensed for Portable mode packaging, the 'Prepare Package' option will be enabled and, if chosen, this will start the packaging wizard, allowing quick, easy selection of the material to be packaged and automating the handling of the resultant package - attached to an email or saved elsewhere, perhaps for cutting to CD. The package created by the wizard features highly efficient data compression (typically 80%+).

In summary, Portable mode is designed to enable organizations to extend the deployment options for inTuator, to easily provide Account Managers, Regional Sales Managers and other front line 'road warriors' and executives with both the information and the analysis capabilities required by an effective corporate representative. 




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