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We want you to try inTuator for yourself. 

Using our self install download for inTuator you are able to work in a self contained ‘try me’ demonstration environment on your desktop. This allows you to work with most of inTuator’s desktop functionality. The demonstration version will not work with your live data.  

You will get a good feel for inTuator's range of features and capabilities. Work with inTuates, play with the tables and charting facilities, slice and dice, drill up and down, pivot, add new data elements and link to other views. The three inStores provided are based on a manufacturing scenario with a number of different inTuates for you to try out including sales, inventory, manufacturing and engineering. You will see for yourself how easy it is to manipulate the information and view it from different perspectives.
NOTE: The Work Space capability of inTuator will work only from the favorites folder.  

Go a little further and explore creating inTuates yourself. Is it really as easy as we suggest? Using the inTuate Wizard work your way through the steps to create your own inTuate or modify the ones we've supplied as samples! 

If there's anything you need to understand, try our innovative HELP.


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