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If you already have adequate information systems then you probably would not be visiting this web page. Is Query/400 too limiting for your needs? Are full blown BI applications too expensive? Has improving information access and decision making now become an urgent priority? We can help. 

Momentum specializes in providing reporting and information analysis for IBM iSeries applications at an affordable and realistic implementation cost. 

Using our information analysis and reporting applications, inTuator and OPEN/DB, you will be able to bring together disparate data and enhance your decision making --- to improve patient care, service, profitability and cash flow --- either as traditional printed output or at your desktop for interactive multi-dimensional analysis. 

Put your healthcare facility under the microscope 

  • Do your clinical teams have access to the right information to provide timely and appropriate patient care? 
  • Do you know your patients where and when they enter the healthcare system? 
  • Do you actively leverage the information you have to provide additional value-add services? 
  • Are you measurably reducing operating costs?
  • Are you analyzing information on best practices, costs, treatment outcomes? 
  • Can you recognize the services most highly valued by your patients? 
  • Can you easily determine demographics / age groups requiring different types of treatment? 
  • Would this affect your marketing efforts? 
  • Can you isolate areas of efficiency and inefficiency? 
  • Which wards / departments are performing best? 
  • Which treatments are most in demand / profitable? 
  • Do your drug suppliers provide good value? 
  • Can your quality-control teams routinely perform analyses on data gleaned from clinical, infection-control, pharmacy, and administration systems? 
  • Fewer repeat procedures, shorter hospital stays and fewer resources spent countering adverse reactions drive down costs and enhance patient care. Are you measuring your performance? 

How our products can help you? 

Getting the right information, at the right time, into the right hands in the right form has never been more important. In today's challenging environment it is essential for not only monitoring and analyzing critical business performance measures, but informed decision-making relies upon it. 

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Need more information? 

Product information on OPEN/DB can be found at our main web site or go direct to the product pages click here

Our very latest solution, inTuator, has its own dedicated web site and can be accessed via the menus above. We hope that you will enjoy the cartoon imagery which is intended to be both amusing and to enhance your understanding of the product capabilities. 

  OPEN/DB Download now 
  inTuator Download now 

We are always ready to show our products so please contact us for further demonstration or to ask questions. Product evaluations can also be organized on request. 


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