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Momentum Utilities, based in Sydney, Australia, specializes in the development of data retrieval, analysis and presentation products particularly for the IBM AS/400 and iSeries market. Operating primarily through a network of business partners Momentum products are installed and supported in over 2,000 sites and 70 countries.  

Derivative versions of Momentum's solutions are marketed through strategic partnerships with market leading organizations and their mainstream iSeries applications including Infor, Misys International Banking Systems, and LANSA.

Momentum's product range includes:  

  • Report Writing: OPEN/DB-Jacana-Valet 
  • Electronic Forms: JacanaForms  
  • Multidimensional Data Analysis: inTuator 

Momentum offers services to complement and support its products ranging from training to implementation to outsourcing. Using advanced, web-based technologies such as WebEx, we routinely undertake customer assignments without having to visit the customer location, resulting in an extremely cost-effective service for our customers. 

We love our birds and brand our products using creative images of the Jacana, Palm Cockatoo, Shama, Hoatzin, Toucan and Torea. We have several products that use the Jacana branding in particular so please take care not to get confused between them!

Momentum works with a number of industry leading organizations: 

  • Member, IBM Partner in Development Program 
  • Member of the IBM Tools Network
  • Hewlett Packard Printing and Imaging Solution Partner 

Momentum's electronic forms and report mining applications are powered by software from Adobe (formerly JetForm) and Datawatch Corporation respectively. For further information on Momentum visit our main website www.jacana.com 


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